ETUF Statement on the accident of Julio Regeny

ETUF has followed with great sorrow the killing of the Italian Student Julio Regeny in Cairo that is followed by its discover at Cairo Alexandria desert road on February 3rd 2016.

ETUF is condemning this coward action that is excecuted to destroy the historic relation between Italy and Egypt, that targeted the spoil of the Egypt reputation and destroy the economy and impede the Foreign investment flow to Egypt in general, and Italian investment in particular . This has been an attempt to attack the stability and impede the the strong relations that tie beween the two countries. We ae sure that these crime makers won t succeed.

ETUF is condemning any trials to prevent the authorities that deal with the unveil of the crime depending upon false to claim the torturing of the Italian Colleague by security forces.

We are fully confident that security forces will continue its work with transparency to reach the crime with full evidents and present them to the Court.

ETUF refuses this harsh attack gainst Egypt conducted by foreign organization supported by illegal organizations in Egypt that try to manipulate the event to disseminate their poisons to attack the stability in Egypt

ETUF is stressing that Egyptian Workers are fully aware of the plots aginst their contries conducted by foreign or local plotters . We are as Egyptian workers are one front against anny illegal Organizations plots and stressing their full support to their country with all their power and strength.

Long live to Egypt Long live to Egypt
Long live to Egypt
Long live to Egypt

Guebaly Mohamed Guebaly