Strongly against those who want to marginalise trade union movement

Strongly against those who want to marginalise trade union movement

Translated by: Moustafa Rostom

“We are coming to a difficult stage under circumstances that need to work on the heart of one man,” said Abdel Moneim el-Gamal, vice president of the union and chairman of the General Union of Workers of the Nation for Construction and Timber Workers. “We appreciate breaking any agreement that tries to marginalize the trade union organization.”

He stressed that it is necessary to prepare well for everything that is coming and show strength and the organization of educational and training courses for all new trade unionists so that they are familiar with all the trade union organization.

This came during a speech before the General Assembly of Trade Workers headed by MP Mohamed Wahballah, Deputy of the Labor Force Committee of the House of Representatives and Secretary General of the Union and President of the General Union of Trade Workers.

The deputy head of the Egyptian Workers’ Union pointed out that it is rumored that the Union of Workers is a government union, nonsense and futile and unfounded. The federation is an independent entity.

“The future of Egypt’s workers is now being built for our children and grandchildren and what is happening now is a soft privatization that begins with the offering of several shares of companies for the purpose of developing them, but in fact is the beginning of selling and wasting the company.” Strongly against those who want to marginalize trade union organization.

He explained that he welcomes investors in Egypt provided that they respect the country and the law and preserve it. They do not use it only as slogans, and whoever does it is a bad investor, stressing that trade union organization and workers are partners in everything.

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