Bahraini Minister of Labour: emphasizes the equality between the Bahraini and Egyptian worker’s

Mr. Jamil Humaidan (Minister of Labour, Bahrain) received Mr. Gebaly Maraghy ​​President of ETUF, who is currently visiting Bahrain to discuss aspects of joint cooperation between ETUF and the ministry and study the situation of Egyptian workers in Bahrain.

The Minister of Labour Bahraini Said that he discussed with the President of ETUF the situation of Egyptian Workers in Bahrain and he stressed the Kingdom’s keenness on equality between Egyptian and Bahraini worker’s rights and duties, and the Kingdom’s determination to take advantage of Egyptian workers and open the prospect of work in front of it in Bahrain.

The minister stressed the importance of activating the joint committee between the ministries of labor in Egypt and Bahrain, what would facilitate and urged Bahraini businessmen to bring in, skilled Egyptian workers, and put them in the recruitment priorities uncertain that it comes within the concerns of the Bahraini leadership to support their brothers the Egyptians.

He Praised, Mr Jacob Joseph, President of the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Bahrain, who attended the meeting, in close cooperation between the Bahrain Ministry of Labour and the Federation of Free Trade Unions of  Bahrain, for Support and affirmation of the right to citizenship of Egyptian workers and equated jurist with Bahraini Workers.

He praised, the “Maraghy​​”, President of ETUF, about Bahraini experience in project unemployment insurance, stressing the need to take advantage of such experiments to address the most serious problem facing the Arab world, a problem of unemployment.

The meeting was attended by union leaders of Union Free Trade Unions of Bahrain, and was attended by the Egyptian side, Mr Hamdy Orabi director of Arab affairs.